Saturday, February 22, 2014


Okay so I have been bestowed with the challenge of writing a children's book. (Note this challenge was bestowed to me like 3 or 4 months ago.. Procrastination at it's finest people!) The book is gonna be called Imbay and the Turnip Wagon.

Before you say anything, the plan is for it to be sold at the organic farm owned by some friends of ours. The title comes from the name of their intern, Imbay, and the fact that he can almost always be seen driving the little tractor with a trailer full of some sort of vegetable. I'm gonna write it, and a friend of mine is going to illustrate it.

Think that's easy?

Think again.

Now I'm no Dr. Seuss, (although I rhyme all the time) but I have to *attempt* to make this book rhyme, or at least have some sort of lyrical pattern. In order to do this, I will have to set time aside (time that I don't have) to think of a substantial plot line, make it rhyme, and write it. Then I have to set more time aside to LEAVE MY HOUSE and go explain how I want the story to go to the guy who's drawing the pictures.

All of this author stuff got me thinking, depending on how this book goes, I could write an actual novel or something. Novel (or something) = money / fame. Money / fame = no real job. Now I'm not saying that being a writer isn't a real job, I'm saying that wouldn't it be lovely to pretty much chill all day and write or go do really nifty stuff to inspire new stories?

To answer my own question, yes. Yes it would be.

I, like every small child, wrote my own mini books as a little kid. They were usually about teens doing stuff I thought just automatically happened as soon as you reach the ripe age of 13. Things like parties, first (and second, and third..) kisses, perfect high school experiences, boyfriends, and amazing friends that do amazing stuff like cross-country road trips and skydiving and day trips to the beach with you.

If I could just elaborate on these basic ideas a bit, I have a first rate teeny-bopper novel. Sort of.

What if I did that? What would happen? Would it get popular? I DON'T KNOW!

I've written stories (actually, story) before. I was really into it for a while and wrote a bit more every day, but like most things, I got bored after a week or two and stopped writing. I tried to continue it where I left off but I kinda sorta maybe forgot the plot.. yeah.. *sigh*

Maybe I'll start there. Ya know, get some practice before I get started on the real book. Yeah that's sounds like a plan. Good talk guys :)

OH AND BTW, I'VE DECID- oops. Let me start over. I've decided on my ending phrase. I'm going to put a useless fun fact that will improve your life in no way whosoever.

In Japan, watermelons are squared. Bye!

Friday, February 14, 2014

YouTube or Deep-Dark-Hole-of-Weirdness?


Why the French greeting? Oh no reason.. just that we're getting a French exchange student in the summer! :D

Okay, okay. Back to the topic at hand. YouTube. DUN DUN DUN

If you don't know what YouTube is, you should probably come out from below the rock you've been living under. YouTube is slowly becoming more popular than TV, so I think we need to discuss it.

Like anyone else, I enjoy the popular YouTubers such as TheFineBros, Shane Dawson, and danisnotonfire. I also like some of the more underground people like TheThirdPew, Savannah Brown, and Myles from itsamemyleo. But have you ever noticed that whenever you go onto YouTube to look for something, you end up getting sucked into this, simply put, deep, dark hole of weirdness.

For example, I will log onto YouTube looking for a new vlog or music video, and then just keep clicking the videos that show up on the sidebar. Before I know what's going on, BAM! It's 12 hours later and I've just missed an entire half a day. I look around, my clock says 4AM, people have started to think I'm dead, and I'm in the middle of a video on How To Talk To Your Giraffe. Can anyone relate? Sidenote - for a more visual representation of what I'm trying to say, watch Easily Distracted by TheThirdPew ;D

What was the point of this post you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hey, in my defense, I did say I was going to write about my strange internal dialogues. I have this discussion with myself about YouTube all the time! No. I am definitely NOT crazy. Yes. I desperately NEED a social life.

Woah woah woah, we're getting off track..

Let's see if I can come of with a "moral of the story".. um.. let's see..


In your life, you're gonna set a lot of goals for yourself and those around you. Don't let the little (or big) distractions get in the way of you achieving your goals. You might end up in a deep, dark hole of weirdness.

Now that the sappy, OhI'mGoingToTurnMyLifeAroundRightThisMinute part is over, let's see about this sendoff sentence..

-Insert Cheesy But Witty Sendoff Sentence Here-

Yup, that should do it.

So I guess we're done here.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Making People Laugh (I Hope)

Hello people of Earth
I've been expecting you

Okay in all seriousness (lel not really) I wanted to correct something from my last post. I am not going to be writing excruciatingly boring things about my non-eventful life as a mediocre teenager (wow that was a lot of subtle self criticism). I used the phrase "virtual diary" to mean something more like "I'm going to post things that I think about to try and make people laugh" because c'mon. That's really all I wanna do.

*In a Dr. Doofenshmirtz voice* BACKSTORY TIMEEEEEE

My brother and I don't get along that often. Although we fight a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, we have those moments when one of use (usually me) says something funny that only the other person understands and laughs at. It's usually a reference to a YouTube video.. yeah.. Anyway, I really genuinely enjoy those moments when I can make my little brother laugh. They're like mini bonding moments. *cue sappy music*

So back to the whole point of this post. I realized that I really like the idea of being able to make people laugh every time I write something. Instead of using this as a virtual diary of every boring thing that happens in my life, I'm gonna amuse you with stories of my awkwardness, my strange internal dialogues, and things I find really ironic in the lives of the people around me (hopefully they don't find this and burn me at the stake for making fun of them on the internet).. but hey! That's what the online community is for, right?

So yup. That's that..

I haven't figured out a better sendoff sentence so I guess we'll see what happens.

Peace out Girl Scout ;D

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello Blogiverse!

Hey world! I figured before I start actually doing things, I should tell you what I plan on doing. Sound good? Okay here we go...

First thing's first. It is currently 9:28PM and I am sitting on my futon/bed with my cat on my lap. Yup. That's my life in a nutshell.. *sigh* Allow me to elaborate a bit. I'm 14. This means I can't really go anywhere or do anything which leads me to the conclusion that I lack greatly in the social life department. Oh well I guess. I also do my schooling through a cyber charter school. I pretty much sit on my bed all day while I go to a few online classes and maybe take a few tests. I don't exactly 'get out much'. Don't get me wrong, avoiding human interaction for days on end isn't as bad as it seems. In fact, it can be pretty nice sometimes. You know those ridiculous, drama-starting, egotistical teenagers you're dealing with in high school right now? Yeah, I don't have any of those (insert boastful HA here).

Now that the topic of my social life (or lack thereof) is out of the way, let's move on. I guess you're probably wondering who I am as a person. Or not, I mean that's okay too.. that makes things a bit awkward then.. um..

Note to self - stop making awkward things happen



Alrighty here we go. Everything you need to know about me in order to make a logical decision about whether you want to keep reading or not:

1. My name is Rachel Elizabeth
2. I'm 14 years old
3. My birthday is July 5th, 1999 (take that people born in 2000)
4. I'm the oldest of 3 kids - me, my 11 year old brother Zack, and my 6 year old sister Becky
5. I have 2 pets, a pitbull named Meatball (or Meathead or Sausage or pretty much anything else), and a baby barn cat named Basil
6. I'm a Lutheran (which means I go to church on Sunday's and poke fun at Catholics during the sermons ;D)
7. I am in love with soccer and have played defense for like 5ish years
8. I like to sing and play instruments and stuff and I'm in the youth choir at church (I got to play the tambourine a few weeks ago!!! :D)
9. I like style (not necessarily just fashion, but style in general)
10. I spend most of my life drafting tweets that try too hard to be witty and watching YouTube videos

Wow that worked out quite nicely that it was 10 facts TROLOLOLOLOL

I'm basically planning on using this blog as a virtual diary in a sense. I'm just gonna write stuff about my boring, normal life and I'm also gonna use this power (not that I have power psshhhh) to voice my opinions about some controversial ideas that might be going around.

Until next time, wow I'm going to work on a better sendoff sentence jeez,