Saturday, February 22, 2014


Okay so I have been bestowed with the challenge of writing a children's book. (Note this challenge was bestowed to me like 3 or 4 months ago.. Procrastination at it's finest people!) The book is gonna be called Imbay and the Turnip Wagon.

Before you say anything, the plan is for it to be sold at the organic farm owned by some friends of ours. The title comes from the name of their intern, Imbay, and the fact that he can almost always be seen driving the little tractor with a trailer full of some sort of vegetable. I'm gonna write it, and a friend of mine is going to illustrate it.

Think that's easy?

Think again.

Now I'm no Dr. Seuss, (although I rhyme all the time) but I have to *attempt* to make this book rhyme, or at least have some sort of lyrical pattern. In order to do this, I will have to set time aside (time that I don't have) to think of a substantial plot line, make it rhyme, and write it. Then I have to set more time aside to LEAVE MY HOUSE and go explain how I want the story to go to the guy who's drawing the pictures.

All of this author stuff got me thinking, depending on how this book goes, I could write an actual novel or something. Novel (or something) = money / fame. Money / fame = no real job. Now I'm not saying that being a writer isn't a real job, I'm saying that wouldn't it be lovely to pretty much chill all day and write or go do really nifty stuff to inspire new stories?

To answer my own question, yes. Yes it would be.

I, like every small child, wrote my own mini books as a little kid. They were usually about teens doing stuff I thought just automatically happened as soon as you reach the ripe age of 13. Things like parties, first (and second, and third..) kisses, perfect high school experiences, boyfriends, and amazing friends that do amazing stuff like cross-country road trips and skydiving and day trips to the beach with you.

If I could just elaborate on these basic ideas a bit, I have a first rate teeny-bopper novel. Sort of.

What if I did that? What would happen? Would it get popular? I DON'T KNOW!

I've written stories (actually, story) before. I was really into it for a while and wrote a bit more every day, but like most things, I got bored after a week or two and stopped writing. I tried to continue it where I left off but I kinda sorta maybe forgot the plot.. yeah.. *sigh*

Maybe I'll start there. Ya know, get some practice before I get started on the real book. Yeah that's sounds like a plan. Good talk guys :)

OH AND BTW, I'VE DECID- oops. Let me start over. I've decided on my ending phrase. I'm going to put a useless fun fact that will improve your life in no way whosoever.

In Japan, watermelons are squared. Bye!

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